Bareboat Yacht Charters

If you are an experienced yachtsman and wish to be in command of your own vessel, and take all the responsibility that goes with it, then bareboat yacht charters is the right solution for you.

In Bareboating you are responsible for:

  • Completing a yachting resume to determine your experience. This will be reviewed and approved by the fleet manager. If it is decided you arebareboat charters not qualified for the size of the vessel you wish to charter, you will be required to take a guide. The cost for a skipper is approximately $125 per day, plus food and beverages.
  • Signing the charter agreement. This holds you solely responsible for the vessel, its equipment, dinghy and outboard during the term of your charter.
  • All food and beverages. You may shop for these on your own or choose a provision plan from the Charter Base. Average cost is $18 per person per day, plus beverages.
  • All paper products – such as paper towels and plates – and some cleaning products you will use during your trip.
  • Per day insurance fee, usually $25 per day. Security deposit, usually $300 refundable if no damage or loss occurs.
  • Returning the boat in a clean and orderly condition.
  • Any water, ice, or fuel taken on during your charter term.
  • All cruising fees, mooring permits, communications, and dockage.


There are many different bareboat charter fleets through out all the cruising grounds. Not all fleets are created equal! That is why you need our unbiased opinion to help you sort through all the options. We are an independent agency that can work with any charter fleet. We know the conditions of the yachts and we will guide you to the right boat at the best value for your charter.

Remember, the biggest ads are not always the best fleets. We know the difference! The charter price is the same. But our knowledge is priceless: First hand on the scene. Save yourself time and call us at: 800-524-8292