Crewed Yacht Charter Rates

The crewed yacht charter rates below are only general and may vary depending on the category of the yacht and on the charter destinations where the yachts operate. Please also see the terms under which the yachts operate.

Yacht TypeLength (Ft)Max Guests# of CrewRates in USD per Week
Sail44-50Up to 42$4,500 - $11,500
Sail51-72Up to 62-3$11,500 - $15,900
Sail72-85Up to 83-5$18,000 - $45,000
Sail100 - 14012 -20 6$45,000 - $130,000
Motor Yachts50 - 1002 - 62 - 6$9,700 - $24,000
Motor Yachts100 - 1408 - 126 - 12$35,000 - $85,000
Mega Motor Yachts140 - 34410 - 11010 - 88$115,000 - $400,000

Yacht Charter Rates – TERMS & FEES

Yacht Charter Rates - Sunsets on tropical island
Terms and fees vary depending on the area where the yachts operate:

STANDARD CARIBBEAN TERMS: The charter fees are all-inclusive of the charter of the yacht, crew, any sport equipment on board, and food and bar – with the exception of vintage wine and spirits. NOT inclusive are: Cellular phone/fax/e-mail expenses, dockage (if required), scuba diving, and, in some non-US islands, local cruising taxes (including the British Virgin Islands). Please check with us for information about cruising taxes.

STANDARD EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN TERMS: The charter fees include the charter of the yacht, crew, fuel for up to five hours cruising a day, harbor and dockage expenses. NOT included are: food & beverages for charterers and crew, bar, fuel for ski boats or other tenders, dockage and harbor expenses outside the yachts normal cruising area, laundry, cellular phone/fax/e-mail expenses, and any extra equipment requested by the charterer. Please check with us for cruising tax information.

STANDARD WESTERN MEDITERRANEAN TERMS: The charter fees do NOT include fuel, food & beverages, bar, dockage and harbor expenses, water and electricity expenses taken from the shore, laundry, cellular phone/fax/e-mail expenses, any special equipment required by the charterers. Please check with us for cruising tax information.

To find out more about rates and fees, please call us at: 800-524-8292