Prior to charter

When the arrangement for the charter has been made, a crew member will get in touch with you prior to charter to personally discuss some details with you, such as your ideas for an itinerary, catering, and where you will meet on arrival.
prior to charter - catamaran charters

CANCELLATION & CURTAILMENT INSURANCE: Cancellation insurance is available on request to cover the loss of charter fee if a charter has to be canceled or curtailed. To be protected against the unexpected, we do advise our clients to purchase the insurance. For further information, please call us at (800)524-8292.

COMMUNICATIONS: You can be contacted on the yacht almost anywhere through marine radio operations. Digital cellular phone service is fast becoming the expected standard in most cruising areas. At BYC we always have a way of contacting the yacht. You may leave our number (800)524-8292 with friends and family members as your contact while on charter.

GRATUITIES: Gratuities are not included in the charter fee. Tipping is, however, customary and very much appreciated by the crew. It is up to you to tip what you feel the level of service has been. Excellent service would mean 10%-15% of the charter fee. However, we know occasions when the gratuity was considerably higher than 15%, due to exceptionally outstanding service and relationships onboard.


CARIBBEAN: In some areas of the Caribbean cruising taxes apply and are generally passed on to the charterer. These are quite minimal, and some yachts include them in your charter fee. This makes the Caribbean the best value for yachting vacations.

WESTERN & EASTERN MED: The taxes vary from country to country and from yacht to yacht. We will inform you with up-to-date information on taxes. At present the VAT tax varies between 16% and 20.6%. If the yacht is a semi-commercial Registry, it may not be required to collect taxes.

DELIVERY CHARGES: You may request a specific yacht to be in a specific cruising ground. You may have to pay a fee for having the yacht relocated from one area to another. This fee is called the Delivery Charge. Yachts normally charge a daily rate for the time incurred and the fuel consumed during the delivery.

SMOKING: Smoking is generally not allowed below deck.

TRAVEL: BYC will be happy to assist you with Air Fares. We work with a travel agency that can provide better-than-retail rates to some destinations. Call us at (800)524-8292 for details.

AIRPORT PICK UP: If you wish to be picked up at the airport by the crew, BYC can arrange it for you. The cost of the transfer will be charged to your yacht account.


    • Soft luggage for sailing vessels and smaller motor yachts. Duffel type bags are preferred. It is a good idea to carry your valuables, your toiletries and change of clothes in your carry-on, in the events your checked luggage goes astray.
    • Clothing. Dress in the Caribbean is very casual: bring several bathing suits, easy slip-ons with light color rubber soles, hats or visors, and sunglasses. You’ll need more sophisticated clothing for shore visits in the Mediterranean.
    • Plenty of sunscreens, PABA-free preferred.
    • Special medications are not always available. Do bring the ones you need with you.
    • Cameras. Bring plenty of film with you. In some locations it can be hard to find.
    • Music. The yachts have wonderful selections of music to cater the most tastes. If you want to bring your own music, you are welcome to do so.
    • Money. Credit cards are not accepted everywhere. We suggest you to bring with you small denominations of the local currency.

PASSPORTS: Passports are required for all members of your party. Some countries require special Visas for entry for guests of certain nationalities. Please make arrangements prior to your departure date.

MEALS, DRINKS, ACTIVITIES ASHORE: These are always at the charterer’s expense.